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"The house was put on the market in February, within less than two weeks, the beauty and the taste of the house caught a young professional coupleís eyes and they wanted it as their first home. After the negotiation, we agreed the offer and solicitors on both sides started to work towards the transaction. Smoothly, the transaction was completed in May. I should say this is really an unbelievable experience that Suzanne brought to me!"

Many thanks to Li Fang for such a fantastic testimonial. It was a pleasure to transform the property and have such a great result so quickly after putting the property back on the market.

"I tried to sell my empty house in 2007. I put it on the market for more than half a year. Unfortunately, it had no offer at all. I had no other choice, I had to rent the house out. Last year, I decided to sell the house again. Taking the lesson in 2007, my first thought was that an empty house is more difficult to sell and I should rent some furniture to fill the house. So I researched on the Internet to try to find some information about hiring furniture. A website caught my eye. I had never heard about house staging, but in my simple interpretation, this means that they will help me to hire the furniture and make the house looks better.  I contacted them and got a reply from Suzanne very quickly."

Stairs after home improvements
Stairs need home improvements

This testimonial was very kindly written for Heatons Home Styling by customer Mrs Li whose property underwent a full home staging project with furniture and accessory rental...

"For me, the most important thing is the price and quality of the work. The quote I got seemed reasonable and the photos from her previous projects looked impressive. So I decided to go one step further to let Suzanne visit the house and had the initial consultation. To be honest, the house was rented for nearly eight years and you can imagine what the conditions would be inside. In this first meeting, I expressed my concerns that with the current conditions of the house, no way I can sell it in this condition. But what work should I do? I wanted to sell the house quickly, but didnít want to spend money which will not increase the property value. Also, if we have to do some refurbishment work, I am living miles away and will not be able to manage it."

Ensuite bathroom before staging Preston
Ensuite bathroom Preston after staging

"Suzanne proposed to me what minimum work we should do to make the house look nice and also suggested to me that she can help me to act as my project manager to arrange all these work done. I was absolutely attracted by Suzanneís proposal which seemed of great help for me. I decided to go ahead. Less than three weeks later, all the work finished, and the house was completed changed. During this time, I never went back to do any inspection, Suzanne always kept me informed timely with adequate information and photos."

"Just before the work finished, I arranged three estate agencies to value the house. When I called them for the feedback, all these three agencies gave very high comments on Suzanne! They said that the lady in your house was really doing her best to make your house look fabulous!  On that evening, Suzanne emailed me to describe the details of the agency evaluations and told me which one that she believed that will sell my house quickly; and the reason. With her advice, I talked to these three agencies separately and found that I could not agree with her anymore."

Kitchen in Preston needs staging

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- 29th June 2014

Bedroom after dress to sell
Bedroom before staging Preston
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