Master bedroom Sale after staging
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I have had many customers get in touch because people viewing their property for sale have said that the rooms are too small especially the bedrooms. The developers of this new build Show Home in Sale, South Manchester (above and below) realised the importance of staging their property to show the room's true dimensions. Do you agree that the room looks far larger with furniture in it?

In the house below many viewers had commented that the bedrooms were too small. After staging with rental furniture the house sold to someone who had said said exactly this.

Why do empty rooms look smaller?

Thomas Cain, former Landscape Architect (1979-2017)

The human brain judges the size of things by their relationship to the size of other, familiar things that we see nearby. If you know the size of a brick, you can judge the size of a wall. If you know the size of a floor tile, you can understand the vastness of a space based on the number of tiles you see.

Humans know the size of furniture we commonly see. We know that a sofa is commonly the length of a man, as is a bed. When we see these common furnishings in a room, we can judge pretty quickly how big or how small the room is.

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Master bedroom before staging Sale
Teenagers bedroom in Sale before staging
Blue double bedroom before staging Lancashire
Blue double bedroom Lancashire after staging

The bedrooms below in the same Show Home look far larger with furniture in.

Hou would have thought you could fit a bed, wardrobe, bedside
table and chest of drawers into what looked like a tiny room?