Teenage room after de-cluttering
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Most homes tend to get cluttered and disorganised from time to time, if not a lot of the time. Lives tend to be busy and it is very easy for things to get in a mess. For families with children, possessions have to be continually sorted out as the children grow out of their clothes and their toys. If a house is ordered and organised it is much easier to keep things tidy...'a place for everything and everything in its place'. If you are selling your house it is essential it is de-cluttered and tidy to maximise its potential


This client in South Cumbria had severe bouts of illness and in the ‘well’ periods would go shopping for clothes as a bit of a ‘pick me up’. Clothes were a real passion for her, but the problem was that all the available storage space in her cottage was being filled, and the bedroom and also the spare room were overflowing.

Above is another room with just a few finishing touches to do. The client said that once she got started with de-cluttering, it became easy to get rid of things, either to charity or throw them away, and now she feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders, she is no longer a storage hoarder. The transformation is amazing, not just in the room but in the owner of the room too! The de-cluttering project has given her such a boost and she has been spurred on to de-clutter, tidy and re-organise all the other rooms in her cottage. It's such a fantastic improvement and a great achievement.

Clients often say that they could not have done the de-cluttering on their own. Having someone alongside keeps them motivated, stops them getting distracted and gives them expert tips and know-how. We also offer an on-line de-cluttering service in which we coach you through the de-cluttering process. This can also be done by phone.

A typical decluttering session lasts up to six 6 hours. We work with you and show you ways of re-organising. We talk you through how to eliminate unneeded possessions from your life, but we never force you to get rid of anything, you are always completely in control. Some people like to have regular de-cluttering sessions, once a week or once a month. For some just one de-cluttering session is all they need to get them started. If you are selling your property, it is advisable to started clearing and sorting well in advance of the moving date.

These ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos are of a project Heatons Home Styling have been involved with.

The client was initially given clutter coaching, and over time she then worked with friends and family to carry on the good work. New wardrobes were then ordered to store all the clothes and belongings that were to be kept. The room was then given a full makeover all designed by the client and her helpers.

Room before de-cluttering
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This teenage boy's bedroom was de-cluttered and extra storage was provided. The owner of the room now takes pride it keeping it tidy. The room also now doubles up as a guest bedroom.

Bedroom Cumbria before de-cluttering
Living room after de-cluttering
Room after de-clutter
Bedroom after de-cluttering
Living room before de-cluttering
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Mrs Davidson in Leeds-"Thank you for helping me re-organise and de-clutter my house. It was productive and I am pleased with the results so far. I am looking forward to doing more of the same soon".