Furniture for sale Cheshire
After- staging

This house in the Cheshire countryside had been on the market for around 2 months with lots of viewers but no offers. The main living area was so large that the owners thought the prospective buyers could not imagine themselves living in it. They decided that staging the property would hopefully make it sell more quickly and for more money. The interior styling of the property had the desired effect of creating a quick sale. The first people who saw the house after staging are now living in it.

Heatons Home Styling can organise the purchase of furniture for you. We have a range of modern, contemporary and traditional furniture to suit all property styles. We also have a budget range for temporary accommodation, re-location and students and we can deliver anywhere in the UK.

Furniture rental was considered for this project however it was more cost effective for this client to purchase the furniture and then move it to the next property as they had another 5 houses to sell....The total price of the staging including all the furniture, accessories, cleaning and full project management was just under 2% of the asking price of the property and therefore less than the average first price reduction. All furniture is assembled by our team of installers, no flat-pack frustration!

Creating aspirational lifestyle appeal and giving an image
of luxury is very important when dressing a house for sale.

   This living/kitchen diner was a huge space to fill. Previous viewers could not imagine
how to fill the room. Careful positioning of furniture showed how the space could be used.

The master bedroom needed brightening as it only had one small window.   
As well as using light colours, mirrors were used to bounce light around.

The dull ensuite bathroom was lightened by painting the wooden rail white
  and using bright green/blue colours which complemented the bedroom.

The orange artwork for this bedroom complemented the
bed linen and suited the contemporary feel of this property.

Every room in the house was given a different colour
scheme and theme to appeal to as many people as possible.

    An entertainment room was created in the entrance vestibule to offer an alternative living area to the main room, a creative use of space for family living.

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  The dado rail was painted in the main bathroom and accessories in shades of creamy colours were added to create light and warmth.

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Katrina T, Cheshire- ''The estate agent and I were really impressed by your recent styling of our empty property, and I would have no hesitation at all giving a personal recommendation to any potential client wanting to use your services.''

Once this property had sold the furniture and accessories were moved onto the next property that the client had to sell and that is also now sold too.

The third property has now sold also. The initial investmest turned out to be great value for money.
Large living room Cheshire before interior design.