Bedroom after Staging with Rental Furniture
Suzanne Sutherland Heatons Home Styling

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Heatons Home Styling

There are so many aspects to the job of being a home stager - home staging, show homes, home staging project management, home styling advice, home styling project management, de-cluttering and furniture rental for empty properties including re-location..

Since the launch of my home staging business in Stockport, UK, I have been inundated with enquiries about how I entered the home staging industry, what home staging course I undertook, how I launched the business, how we charge for services and how we get business leads. I am always very happy to help people as I am passionate about the job that I do and want others to get the same enjoyment that I get every day that I work. I have spoken to many potential home stagers, they have been inspired by the conversation we have had and have then made their way successfully into the home staging industry.

My home staging business keeps me very busy. The advice on home staging that I give is very time-consuming and gets more so as time goes on and home staging becomes more and more popular. My time is in short supply and I am therefore no longer able to offer free advice. Please email me at suzanne@heatonshomestyling.co.uk to arrange a phone consultation and we I will give you all the information you need to become a home stager. This advice will be charged at 35.00 for an hours consultation and then 35.00/hr pro rata.

               If you would like advice on entering this growing industry, please get in touch.

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