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Lounge after furniture hire

One week after undertaking the Home Staging Report, installation of furniture and decorative accessories commenced. The property was transformed with the impact of the furniture and accessory installation. The owner and his friends who had helped to improve the property were very pleased with the result. Even though the scheme was created from a very tight budget the owner said  he thought it looked great and none of the rooms looked empty which was one of his concerns.

The 'dress to sell' installation has transformed the property from a very individual scheme that would only appeal to a few people to one more neutral that would appeal to a lot more people thereby facilitating a quicker sale. A feeling of luxury and calm had been created purely by the items that were placed into the house.all of which are available to rent or buy. This property has now sold and the furniture removed, this whole process took just 3 months. The current average for properties staged by Heatons Home Styling to sell is 22 days.

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The house is a 1930's property, in a beautiful part of Derbyshire, with many lovely features, plenty of spacious rooms and lots of bathrooms of a high standard. However, it was being marketed as an empty property and lacked feelings of warmth and love even though it had once been a very cherished family home. After my Home Staging Report, the owner of the property followed my advice and painted a lot of the brightly coloured rooms in more neutral shades that would appeal to more people. Family pictures were removed in preparation for more neutral pictures so that viewers did not feel intimidated by other people's possessions and could start to imagine themselves living in the house.

I spent much of the week putting together a design scheme for furniture and accessory rental, adjusting the inventory when necessary to accommodate the budget and negotiating the price (this is included in the price of the report).


24th March 2014
Last week I was called by a customer with a five bedroom detached house on a very prestigious road in Buxton-Derbyshire, wondering if I could help them dress their house to sell as it had been on the market for about six months with only a few viewings. We arranged to meet to discuss how the property could be best improved for sale.

                       The images above and below are of the master bedroom 'before' and 'after'.

Lounge before staging
Bedroom before staging
Update 7/5/14
An offer received last week has been accepted by the owners.

Update 27/6/14
This property is now sold.