Dress to sell with rental furniture Lancashire

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- 8th February 2014                                                                                                                                                                        
To explain what home staging is, (it is still not listed on the National Careers website!), I will describe my most recent job to you.

I was asked, by the owner of a house in Fullwood, Preston, to visit their house and carry out a Home Staging Report. The house had been rented out for about ten years and the owners had decided to sell it. They wanted a quotation for furniture and accessory rental to dress their house for sale. Unfortunately the house looked in a bad way after the tenants had left, so extra work was needed to get the house in a good state for selling.

I did a verbal consultation pointing out all my recommendations, (a written report is also an option). The client then had the option to carry out the work themselves using trades people they know, employ Heatons Home Styling to fully manage the whole project or a combination of all three. As the client lives in London they wanted Heatons Home Styling to carry out all the work and manage the whole staging. Four days later work commenced.

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This cloakroom would benefit from a complete refurbishment, however staging the room has improved it immensely. The new owners can improve the downstairs cloakroom if they wish to, at their leisure.

While my handyman carried out repairs for two days, a team of three cleaners removed all the debris and grime inside the house, a window and gutter cleaner worked hard to get the outside of the property cleaned (there had been a lot of ivy growing up the house, although it was pulled off it left a mess). A team of decorators then spent a week painting the house from top to bottom including the wooden fireplace, dado rails, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and some bright blue and green walls. New carpets and cushion flooring were then fitted before the installation of rental furniture and accessories.

The house was transformed over a period of two weeks from a grim, unloved place to a sparkly, shiny abode. The first few days I spent working there I couldn't wait to get home. By the end of the project, when all the work was done, I didn't want to go home!

On behalf of the owner I showed three Estate Agents around the house. They were all very keen to get the house on their books as they knew it would sell quickly. It did, it sold in fourteen days. Dewhurst Homes in Fullwood, Preston were chosen to sell the property.

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The picture above is of the living area before decoration and installation of furniture rental
Room before home staging Lancashire
Cloakroom before home staging
Cloakroom after home staging